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Welcome to our cutting-edge platform, where manufacturing, inventory management, lean practices, and fulfillment converge with the power of innovation. Our team's extensive combined experience is the foundation upon which we build game-changing solutions that drive efficiency, insight, and growth. Embrace the future with us as we revolutionize industries through real-time solutions grounded in knowledge and fueled by innovation. Your success is our inspiration.

Floyd Jackson

TOPS Products

“For numerous years, Vibrant Group Solutions has stood as a steadfast collaborator with TOPS Products. Their unwavering commitment to our partnership has been exceptional. Their reliability and diligent efforts on behalf of our company have consistently propelled us forward. Moreover, their innovative thinking has played a pivotal role in advancing many of our new projects.”

Sarah Giordano

The Pivot Group

“Vibrant Group Solutions exceeded all expectations in helping my direct mail team produce a substantial workload under challenging deadlines. Using a vetted network of partners, their unparalleled responsiveness, proactive approach, and dedication to achieving excellence had a profound impact on our success.”

Michelle Franks

MS Graphics

"I'm thrilled with Vibrant Group Solutions' punctuality and work quality. Their projects consistently meet deadlines, and the attention to detail is remarkable. Exceeding expectations is a business standard when working with them. They've become an invaluable partner in our business."
Oil Painting



Since 2018, our experienced senior management team has been fully committed to your success. With diverse backgrounds in manufacturing, sourcing, procurement, printing, logistics, and product development, we're poised to be your dedicated partners. We collaborate closely, leveraging our expertise to enhance your business. Expect strategic insights and collaborative solutions that drive your progress.


Our dedication centers on your triumph. We forge tangible pathways to succession manufacturing, inventory, lean principles, and innovation. Empowering you and your customers, our vision drives prosperity through actionable strategies. Join us on this transformative journey, where real-world solutions breed achievements that resonate.


Vibrant Group Solutions seamlessly integrates advanced technology with diverse capabilities and unrivaled customer service, embodying a commitment to excellence.

Meet Vibrant


Paperboard Challenges due to Covid

Paper mills experienced extended lead times, closed to “new” business, placed existing clients on allocations, and increased pricing. Paperboard roll stock was needed to produce $3,000,000 of package lids / 1,500 tons.


Due to paper buying power, Vibrant Group Solutions was able to secure and warehouse an extensive paperboard inventory of CCNB, Kraft, SBS, and SUS. This protected our clientele from inventory shortfalls and price increases.

Tear Resistant Tape Challenges due to Material Availability Shortfall

Long-standing supplier for a client; discontinued availability of raw materials due to the new business plan. Our objective was to find a new material that was tear-resistant, printable, and gum-receptive to replace the existing product line.


Researched and tested a wide range of substrates and subsequent converting to achieve optimal results in the manufacturing process. Was able to produce in time to prevent a 500-employee facility from shutting down due to lack of material. An added benefit was the reduced cost of the material.

Political Mail Paper Shortage

Coated paper stock from U.S. mills are not readily available for upcoming national election mailers of 75 million pieces.


Procured over 1,500 tons of paper from international sources, maintained inventories, and coordinated logistics from port to warehouse to printers across the United States.


Plastic Injection Molding

Production of plastic parts and prototypes that service the Lawn and Garden, Sporting Goods, Agricultural, Medical, and Automotive Industries.


  • Low-cost / High quality 

  • On-site mold design with maintenance and repair capabilities

  • Automation

  • Hot Plate Welding

  • Sonic Welding

  • Hot Stamping

  • Label Application

  • Custom Assembly

RFID (radio frequency identification)

Uses radio waves to identify a tagged object passively. They are used in commercial and industrial applications.


  • Compliance with multinational retail corporations

  • Cycle Counts – 100% accuracy – in and out

  • Reduce paperwork – automatic data uploads

  • Real Time Audit Reports – continuous assurance to physical inventory

  • Outbound Accuracy – verification of outbound shipments

  • Shrink Reduction - reduce human error and theft/fraud.

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Non-Profit Fundraising

We are experienced in raising awareness of your mission while engaging supporters and donors. Vibrant Group Solutions will efficiently and effectively process your data and produce powerful mail campaigns, utilizing postal practices for quick delivery that create additional layers of exposure to yield greater results.

Discover the heart of our mission at Vibrant Group Solutions—a mission driven by the desire to raise awareness, engage supporters, and empower donors like you. With a commitment to efficiency and effectiveness, we harness the power of your data to craft compelling mail campaigns that resonate. Our approach is multifaceted, employing postal practices for swift delivery while strategically layering exposure to yield results that exceed expectations. Join us in embellishing the reach of your cause, leaving an indelible mark of positive change.

Casino Marketing

Create a valued customer experience with member/prospect segmentation. This exploration will lead to better marketing opportunities. Utilizing these metrics aids in predicting behavioral changes and the identification of the “low-hanging fruit.”

At the core of our approach lies a commitment to delivering unparalleled customer experiences. We understand that personalization is critical, so we embrace member and prospect segmentation as a fundamental strategy. This exploration opens doors to a world of enhanced marketing opportunities, allowing us to tailor our efforts to each segment's unique needs and preferences. By harnessing these metrics, we predict behavioral shifts and uncover the

"low-hanging fruit" – those untapped chances for quick wins. Join us on a journey of strategic insights and personalized engagement that paves the way for mutual success.


Your Vision Brought to Life Through Printing. 

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